The millennials have witnessed the revolutionary period for mobile phones. From the unbreakable Nokia range to the groundbreaking iPhone, the world has come a long way. Today we have all sorts of smartphones with thousands of features and the manufactures are still not satisfied. They are working every day to create the next innovative product, and so we have listed the best innovations that have been introduced in 2019, which will be available to us in a few months.

5G Phones

LTE or 4G are soon going to be history, just like 3G and 2G. With the introduction of 5G, many companies have already started making smartphones which can support the 5G network. Due to the high frequency of the network, many have been against this approach, but as we move towards the future, we hope that proper measures will be taken to reduce the harm. 5G is still in a very early stage of developments, but companies like Motorola and Huawei are already using it as a marketing strategy to gain early attention of the tech-heads. So even if we cannot use 5G at its full potential today, we can still be prepared with 5G supported devices. 5G will be able to provide up to 100 times faster speed on upload and download, and a better connection even at closed environments.

Foldable Phones

What is more trending in the market today than foldable smartphones? Samsung and Motorola have already released their prototypes and Samsung went one step ahead by shipping the foldable phones to  get tested by the public. It was a really smart move by Samsung to ship the prototypes to users around the world instead of testing it in their labs with machines so that they can get the realtime usage report of their product. After the infamous reviews by the users for the screen dying writing a week or a month, Samsung called back all the phones and launched it again after three months with an improved version. Although the technology is still developing, we can expect it to be in the market for everyone by the end of 2020.

The Notch

The notch was not much of a thing which bothered people until Apple launched iPhone X in 2017. Since then, it has been implemented everywhere and has improved a lot. Even Samsung has worked a lot with the notch in the past few months of 2019 and came up with pretty interesting designs. The front of the smartphones today is entirely screen except for the space for the camera. Even the fingerprint sensor is either on the back or under the display. This technology has provided a much wider space for activities and even enhanced the looks of smartphones by a noticeable level. Manufacturers like Vivo are a step ahead with a pop-up front camera to provide a complete front display.

Although we have so many ideas for smartphones in our head, it is hard to say what is coming up next.


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